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version histories

version histories

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BrowserUpdate Stack

version history

- minor adjustments of the info pane (future-proofing)

- minor under the hood tweaks and improvements
- optimised for Stacks 3.5+

- partly rewritten for the latest version of the script
- removed the option redirect to another page (is no longer allowed in the latest version of Safari)
- new option: always show (for testing)
- updated the default messages for various languages
- new option: set a custom link for the update button
- new options for position: all four corners
- new option: shift page down
- new option: show remove cookie button
- remind button will not show anymore
- updated main browser versions
- new option for the main browsers: always hide
- new: less common browsers can now also be defined
- new option: notify insecure browsers
- removed the option notify mobile browsers (obsolete in the latest version of the script)
- replaced the option remove box shadow with the option to set the shadow’s color
- rearranged the order of the options
- various small fixes and improvements

- partly rewritten for the latest version of the browser script
- new option: position
- new option: always show
- other small improvements

- improved support for https sites

- another minor cosmetic fix

- new looks
- minor improvements and fixes (mostly cosmetic)

- initial release