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SuperB&B2 Stack

Create awesome borders and backgrounds

SuperB&B2 is a stack that allows you to style your backgrounds and borders to an unprecedented level. Solid backgrounds, gradients, background images (tiled or filling the background), border styles, borders inside or outside the content, independent opacity settings for both the background color and the background image – your imagination is the main limitation with this stack.

To give you an idea of the may possibilities of this stack, I’ve created several demo pages:

Demo #1: basic border and background examples with text content
Demo #2: single image examples
Demo #3: tiled background images as a ‘border’
Demo #4: using opacity on images
Demo #5: two-tone ‘borders’
Demo #6: styled horizontal lines

Drag a copy of this stack on your Stacks page. When using this stack with an image as only content, choose single image only under SuperB&B2 general settings. Otherwise, leave this setting on text/mixed.
Use the border and background settings provided by this stack only, not those that come with every stack – unless you have something extremely creative in mind…

When using the single image only option, this image will always be fluid, so make sure the actual width of the image used is at least the same value as the maximum width in your site.

I originally developed this stack when working on a site for a client and had great difficulty achieving what I had in mind. This is version 2, completely rewritten, and optimized for Stacks 3.
The CSS for the gradients in this stack is based on that of ColorZilla’s Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator.

  • This stack does not look great in Edit mode, especially the borders. In fact, in Edit mode you only get a vague idea of what the result will be. Switch to Preview mode to see the exact effect.
  • Diagonal and radial gradients are not supported in IE≤9. As a fallback, a horizontal gradient will be used.
  • When a border radius is set, gradients are not supported at all in IE≤9, so the fallback color will be used instead.
  • Opacity is not supported in IE≤8.

Please use this form to report all issues, questions and comments.

This stack requires the Stacks plugin by YourHead (version 3 or higher).
Do you like this stack? Please consider leaving a review in the RapidWeaver Community’s Addons section [link].
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