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PhotoAlbumRedirect Stack

change the links of the thumbnails on your Photo Album page

This stack makes it possible to turn a Photo Album page into a set of images linking to other pages, optionally opening in a new window. Especially when combining this stack with the Photo Album Beautifier Stack, this opens a new realm of possibilities for the good ol’ Photo Album page: turn it into an overview of all your gallery pages (RapidWeaver veterans may remember this from the late RapidAlbum plugin), a portfolio,…

Please visit this demo page to see the stack in action.


  • Set the image number and its corresponding link.
  • If you have more than 10 thumbnails, just add more PhotoAlbumRedirect stacks and adjust the numbers.
  • Select do not redirect for those ‘slots’ in the stack you do not use.

Need help using it on a non-stacks page? Here’s a tutorial.


With Javascript turned off, this stack will not work.

Please use this form to report all issues, questions and comments.

This stack requires the Stacks plugin by YourHead (version 3 or higher).
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