Keyhole Stack

Keyhole Stack

Preview the CSS, JavaScript and PHP generated by the stacks on the page in Preview mode with a single click

If you don’t bother about code, you’d better move along, because there’s nothing to see here for you… But if you ever wanted a quick view at the code the stacks on the page generates, this stack is for you. I use it a lot when developing my stacks to quickly inspect the result of the code I’m writing.

The Keyhole Stack will only show the CSS, JavaScript or PHP in Preview mode (fig. 1), but not in Edit mode, not in a browser when choosing File > Preview in… and not when you export or publish the page.

This time there is not demo because… well… the content of this stack will not be published. All I can show are screenshots (see below) to give you an idea.


  • drag one copy of this stack into the page
  • select the Keyhole Stack
  • switch to Preview mode
  • push the buttons to see the CSS, JavaScript and PHP (or just the page content)

This stack only works on a Stacks page; importing the stack with PlusKit into another page does not work.

Please use this form to report all issues, questions and comments.

This stack requires the Stacks plugin by YourHead (version 3 or higher).
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Keyhole showing the Javascript
fig. 1: Javascript in RapidWeaver Preview mode

Keyhole showing the CSS
fig. 2: CSS in RapidWeaver Preview mode
Keyhole Stack HUD
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