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UltimateImage Stack

the all-in-one solution for your images

The UltimateImage Stack allows you to place local images, warehoused images and placeholder images from different services – and easily change them without replacing the stack. Optionally, you can apply filters and/or rotation to the image.

For a local or warehoused image, there’s not really something to show in a demo. The output is simply an image. For demos of the placeholder images, please visit the example pages. For an overview of all the filters and rotation options, see this page.


The options of this stack depend on the image source chosen:
local image: the stack behaves as a standard Image Stack
local image: set the URL and alt tag of the image
a placeholder image from one of the following services:
The options depend on the service chosen, but with all placeholder images, you will need to define the width and height of the image.
For the service specific options, please see the
example pages.

Optionally, set one or more filters and/or rotation. See this page for all options.

Need help using it on a non-stacks page? Here’s a tutorial.

Tired of replacing placeholder image stacks in mockups with either stacks for local images or warehoused images, I decided to develop a stack that combines all three. I also throw filters and rotation in the mix. Just because I could.

The filter and rotate settings are lost when zooming the image in with my Zoom Stack (and possibly with other, similar stacks as well).
When using custom text with or, some special characters may brake the page, especially &, +, % and #. They can be replaced with %26, %2B, %25 and %23 respectively. does not work well with non-Western characters.
When valid HTML is important for you, replace every space in your text with a +.
The limitations of the placeholder services are also described in the stack’s info pane, so this information is always available.

Please use this form to report all issues, questions and comments.

This stack requires the Stacks plugin by YourHead (version 2 or higher).
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