This stack is discontinued and will no longer be updated.
RapidLorem Stack

RapidLorem Stack

insert placeholder text like lore ipsum easily

Use this stack to easily create placeholder text (almost*) anywhere on your page. Great for quick and easy prototyping.
* See the limitations below for the exceptions.

There are several examples below. Visit the demo site for full examples.


Drag one copy of this stacks on your Stacks page. The stack works everywhere on the page, so it has no drop zone.

Choose one of the following placeholder text styles:

There are dozens of other Lorem Ipsum alternatives available. If you found one that you would like to be included in this stack, please let me know and I will see what I can do.

Anywhere you need a text filler, type a string with the following syntax:


In other words: type @nX@, where n is a number between 1 and 10 and X a 1 or 2 letter code. The number stands for the number of words, sentences or paragraphs you want to appear; the one or two letter code can be one of the following:

w: word(s)
wc: word(s); first word with a capital
wn: capitalized word(s)
ws: sentence consisting of the set number of words
s: sentence(s) (of 5-10 words)
p: paragraph(s) (of 10-20 sentences)

@5w@: 5 words

@7wc@: 7 words, starting with a capital (especially for page titles, slogans and menu items)

@2wn@: 2 capitalized words (especially for names)

@6ws@: a 6 word sentence (starting with a capital, ending with a dot)

@3s@: 3 sentences

@1p@: 1 paragraph
As @2wn@ used to say: ‘@5wc@!’: a more creative use
As @2wn@ used to say: ‘@5wc@!’.

Some styles have the option to start a paragraph with a certain sentence:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Veggies sunt bona vobis, proinde vos postulo esse magis.
Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.
Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet, chocolate bar dragée.
Baseball ipsum dolor sit amet, pine tar alley earned run triple-A.

If you need finer control over the length of the paragraphs, you can change the minimum and maximum number of sentences in a paragraph, and the minimum and maximum number of words in a sentence (in a paragraph).

Lost sight on what filler text is generated by the stack and what was typed by you? Check the option highlight generated text and all text will have a background color of your choice (example).

It is advised to remove this stack in the final version of your site (duh…).

Need help using it on a non-stacks page? Here’s a tutorial.

This stack uses the jQuery replaceText plugin by ‘Cowboy’ Ben Alman and a part of lorem.js by Fatih Kadir Akin.
For the authors of the word lists used, see above.

  • When the visitor has JavaScript disabled in his browser, the stack will not work.
  • When using Veggie Ipsum, Tuna Ipsum, Bacon Ipsum or Baseball Ipsum, keep in mind that a ‘word’ may actually be two or three words (swiss chard, deep sea eel, etc.)
  • The @[1-10][w|wn|wc|ws|s|p]@ code does not work in the Browser Title, link attributes, image alt tags or buttons text of the Contact Form and Formloom2 and the FormSnap Jr stack.
    Found more places where it doesn't work? Please let me know so I can add it here.
  • The ‘paragraphs’ generated by the stack are not really paragraphs (i.e. they are not wrapped in <p> </p> tags) and thus cannot be styled that way with CSS. If you need real paragraphs, use <p>@1p@</p> or (in a styled text area) @1p@, select it and choose Format > HTML > Paragraph.
  • The filler text is generated dynamically, meaning that the words will be different each time the pages is loaded.

Please use this form to report all issues, questions and comments.

This stack requires the Stacks plugin by YourHead (version 2 or higher).
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