NoCurrent Stack

NoCurrent Stack

removes the link to the current page in the menu

In RapidWeaver, the menu item of the current page is still a link. This means that clicking on that menu item reloads the page. In most cases, this behavior is confusing and thus best avoided.


Just visit any page on this site by clicking on a menu item above. On that page, hover over and click on the current menu item (the dark brown one). Use your browser’s back button to return to this page.

Add the stack to every page where you don't want a link to the current page in the menu.
Although the NoCurrent Stack usually works ‘out of the box’, it will fail that way with a few themes.
If the stack fails with your theme (and only then!), select the option try alternative method. This alternative method only works when all the following conditions are met:
  • each page has either a Filename of index.html, index.htm, index.php or a Filename unique to the site
  • the option Tidy Website Links (Settings > advanced) is selected
The alternative method usually does not work in in Preview mode, but once the site is published it will.
Need help using it on a non-stacks page? Here’s a tutorial.

When the visitor has JavaScript disabled in his browser, the stack will not work and the link to the page in the menu will stay active.
The NoCurrent Stack does not work with Joe Workman’s Foundation (yet). With version 1.6.0 and above, the alternative method (as described above under Usage) can be used to make the NoCurrent Stack work with Foundation.

Please use this form to report all issues, questions and comments.

This stack requires the Stacks plugin by YourHead (version 2 or higher).
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