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stacks for the rest of us

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MediaQueries Stack demo #1

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MediaQueries Stack demo: advanced settings

On this page, MediaQueries Stacks are used to show and hide elements on the page by targeting them with custom selectors (fig. 2).

Resize your window to show/hide the sidebar (aside, red background, top rightbelow), footer (orange background), extraContainer5 (green background; above the footer) and ExtraContainer 8 (blue background; below the footer).

This option is meant for advanced users only. Finding the right selector is not supported.

The MediaQueries Stack can also be used with inline elements (fig. 1 and 2):
I'm ExtraContent5. I will only show when the screen width is between 500px and 1200px.
Your current screen width is less than 769pxbetween 769px and 1200pxmore than 1200px.
I'm ExtraContent8. I will be hidden when the screen width is more than 768px.

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