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Hyphenation: browser support

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Here’s an overview of what languages are supported in what browser and operating system. Most of the data comes from the sources mentioned below the notes, with additions from myself. Because of the plethora of browser / operating system / language combinations, it is impossible for me to test them all. If you have any additions or corrections, please , so I can update this overview.

Language Firefox  IE≥10 1  Chrome 2 Safari iOS 3
Afrikaans (af) ?
Bosnian (sr) ?
Bulgarian (bg) ?
Catalan (ca) ?
Croation (hr) ?
Czech (cs) ?
Danish (da) ?
Dutch (nl)
English (en) 4
English, Great Britain (en-GB) 5 ?
English, United States (en-US) 5 ?
Esperanto (eo) ?
Estonian (et) ?
Finnish (fi) ?
Flemish (nl) ?
French (fr) ?
Galician (gl) ?
German (de) ?
German (Swiss, Traditional Orthography) (de-CH) ?
Hungarian (hu) ?
Icelandic (is) ?
Interlingua (ia) ?
Italian (it) ?
Kurmanji (kmr) ?
Latin (la)
Lithuanian (lt) ?
Mongolian (mn) ?
Norwegian Bokmål (nb) ?
Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) ?
Polish (pl) ?
Portuguese (pt) ?
Russian (ru) ?
Serbian (sh) ?
Serbo-Croatian (bs) ?
Slovenian (sl) ?
Spanish (es) ?
Swedish (sv) ?
Turkish (tr) ?
Ukrainian (uk) ?
Upper Sorbian (hsb) ?
Welsh (cy) ?

  1. and Edge
  2. version 55+; only MacOS and Android
    It is still unclear to me which languages are supported.
  3. except Opera Mini
  4. There seems no difference between en, en-US and en-GB in Firefox (Windows) and IE10. In Firefox and Safari (both MacOs 10.7), en-GB differs from en and en-US. In iOS 6, en-US differs from en and en-GB. Because en-GB renders incorrect on macOS and en-US renders incorrect on iOS, only en is used in the stack.
  5. not used in the Hyphenate Stack
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