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DelayedRedirect Stack

redirects your visitor to another page after a set delay

Use this stack to redirect your visitor to another page after a set delay. A counter shows the remaining time to the moment of the delay. Very useful when you want to inform your visitors about moving to a new location for your website.

See the counter above (below the menu). To see this stack in action with different options, please start with demo #1.

Drag one copy of this stack on your Stacks page. The text of the first and last part of the message (before and after the actual counter) can be edited inside the stack pane (fig. 1). All styling and settings are done in the stack’s HUD (fig 2).

I think it is a good idea to always show a link to the new site or page too, so visitors who have JavaScript turned off have a way to continue – and impatient visitors don't have to wait.

Need help using it on a non-stacks page? Here’s a tutorial.

When the visitor has JavaScript disabled in his browser, the message will show, but the countdown and redirect will not work.

Please use this form to report all issues, questions and comments.

This stack requires RapidWeaver (version 7 or higher) and the Stacks plugin by YourHead (version 3.5 or higher).

DelayedRedirect info pane

fig. 1

Pay what you want
Buy this stack and pay for it what you think is reasonable. In the shopping cart, just change the suggested price to the amount you are willing to pay.

Of course, you are free to set the price to zero resulting in a free download but (especially when you intend to use it in a project) consider the following:
I do my best to deliver professional quality, so I spend a lot of time developing, updating and supporting these stacks.
A little income from my work will motivate me to continue and develop more useful RapidWeaver stuff.
Paying a reasonable price will make you feel better, knowing you’re supporting an indie developer.

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