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stacks for the rest of us

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Contact Form Placeholder Stack

adds placeholders to your contact forms

This stack makes is possible to populate form input fields in a built in RapidWeaver contact form with example text that disappears on focus. Optionally, you can hide the labels to create a minimalistic, cleaner form.

Bonus: with this stack, you can also remove that useless reset button.

See the demo site.

There’s an extensive manual for this stack. View it online.

When the visitor has JavaScript disabled in his browser, the stack will not work.
At present, this stack supports a maximum of 8 form items. If you want to use it on bigger forms, just let me know. With enough interest, I’ll be happy to increase that number.
At present, this stack can not be combined with the Contact Form Populator stack!

This stack is based on the jQuery Form Example Plugin 1.6.0. by Paul Mucur and uses the jQuery Extra Selectors plugin by Keith Clark to make the CSS for hiding the labels work in older versions of Internet Explorer.

Please use this form to report all issues, questions and comments.

This stack requires RapidWeaver (version 7 or higher) and the Stacks plugin by YourHead (version 3.5 or higher).

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