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BrowserUpdate Stack Manual

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Choose the action when the BrowserUpdate Stack is triggered
show message
A standard message (as set on this page) will be shown. (If you clicked the ignore button, reload this page to show it again.) When clicking the Update browser button, by default visitors will be taken to this page by that explains the benefits of updating their browser, and links to download pages for the main browsers.
When using this option, you can adjust the looks of the message in detail with the options message setting and message styling. Obviously, these options have no effect when choosing one of the two options below.
update button url
Leaving this link empty will redirect to the default page on When you have a more simple site for visitor’s with an outdated browser, or want to explain in your own words why it is a good idea for them to update their browser, this option is for you.
There are several other websites with information about updating your browser you could redirect to. Some suggestions:
Choose from six different positions for the standard message: top, bottom, or one of the four corners.
With position top and bottom, you can shift down the page in order not to obscure content behind the notification bar.
shift down the page
With position: top, you can shift down the page in order not to obscure content behind the notification bar.
This option does not work with every theme.
show content of this stack
With this option selected, a dropzone is shown in the BrowserUpdate Stack. Drag any content into this dropzone (text, images…) and it will show on the location of the BrowserUpdate Stack, but only be shown when the visitor’s browser is outdated.
show a LightboxMe lightbox
If you don’t like the standard message, you can show a lightbox with a message using the LightboxMe Stack. Just make sure the target id of the BrowserUpdate Stack (fig. 2) is identical to the unique id in the LightboxMe Stack; and the option behaviour in the LightboxMe Stack is set to open this lightbox when clicking a link (fig. 3).
The LightboxMe Stack is sold separately. More information on the product page.

Specify when to trigger the BrowserUpdate Stack
Especially when setting up the BrowserUpdate Stack to show a message, you may want to set the option when to always (for testing). The action will always be triggered in that case, even if your browser is up to date.
Make sure you change this option back to if appropriate in the final version go your page!
Hide debug window
This option hides the debug window with additional information that is shown by default when the stack is set to show the standard message and the option when set to always (for testing):
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Specify which browser versions will trigger the stack
You can set the version for the six main browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera), but optionally also for a bunch of other browsers.
You can also specify in detail with which browser versions the visitor needs to be notified:
positive numbers specify the minimum browser version not to notify (e.g. 22 shows the notification for versions ≤21)
negative numbers specify specify how much versions behind (e.g. -5 shows the notification for versions ≤20 if the current version is 25)
there are also options to always show or never show a notification for the main browser.
For the browsers in the more browsers section, set the version to 1 to never show, and to 999 to always show.

Specify the language of the message
The option visitor’s default will show the default message in the language of the visitor’s system. If this language is not available, English is used as a fallback.
You can also set a fixed language for the default message.
At present, 37 languages are available. Visit this page for an overview of all languages available and examples of the default messages show in each of them.

Using a custom text for the message
If the predefined messages are not to your liking, you can set a custom text using HTML. The following placeholders can be used in this text:
{brow_name} — will be replaced with the browser name
{up_but} — will be replaced with contents of the update link tag
{ignore_but} — will be replaced with contents for the ignore link

Example: Your browser, {brow_name}, is <b>too old</b>: <a{up_but}>update</a> or <a{ignore_but}>​ignore</a>. will show the following message:
example of a custom message

Specify if and when the action (showing a message, the content of the stack, a LightboxMe lightbox) will happen again
The remind after setting determines after how many hours the notification should reappear.
Setting this value to 0 (zero) will trigger the notification all the time.
The reappear after setting determines after how many days the notification should reappear if the user explicitly closes message.
Setting this value to 0 (zero) will trigger the notification all the time, without the ignore button
The BrowserUpdate Stack sets a cookie named browserupdateorg to monitor when the notification should reappear.

Notify insecure browsers
When this option is selected, all browser that are severely insecure get notified. “Severly insecure" means that the browser has security issues that allow remote code execution and similar stuff, and that they are being actively exploited on the internet.

Notify unsupported browsers
When this option is selected, additionally to the browsers you set, also all browser versions that are not supplied with updates by the vendor any more get notified. Usually this is all but the latest version of the browser. Exceptions are Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox Long term support releases, which are still supported but are not the latest version.

Show a button to remove the cookie
This option is especially handy when setting up the BrowserUpdate Stack. It shows a button that, when clicked, removes the cookie set by the stack, if any. In case a cookie was removed, the page will reload and show the notification again.
This button will not be published.

Yes, this website uses cookies too. Here’s the annoying but obligatory cookie warning. More info…