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Here’s the (continuously growing) collection of RapidWeaver Stacks I made. I hope you like them.
If you have any problem with them or have a suggestion for a new stack, just let me know!
animation,eye candy,images,layout,menus,utilities

  • Stacks Image 465953
  • Stacks Image 465957

Tippy Stacks Set s3

  • show (almost) any content in a tooltip€ 7,00 (± $ )

Today Stack

2day Stack s3

  • display today’s date in any format or languagePay What You Want

LastPublished Stack

LastPublished Stack s3

  • display the last published date in any format or languagePay What You Want
background,eye candy

Stacks Image 465843

Shards Stack s3

  • generates a page background randomly resembling neon shardsFree
background,eye candy

Stacks Image 465861

Nebula Stack s3

  • generates a page background randomly that resembles the awesomeness of deep spaceFree

Stacks Image 465825

DownloadLinkIcon Stack s3

  • add a file specific icon to download links automatically€ 5,00 (± $ )

Oneliner Stack

Oneliner Stack s3

  • display one line of text that adjusts its size to the width of its container€ 6,00 (± $ )

Stacks Image 465789

    MediaQueries Stack s3

  • show or hide content depending on the viewport width orientation and/or resolution€ 4,00 (± $ )

BigLink Stack

BigLink Stack s3

  • turns its whole content into a link€ 6,00 (± $ )

Stacks Image 465753

    Truncator Stack s3

  • add an ellipsis to multiline textFree
animation,eye candy

LightboxMe stack

    ShakeIt Stack s3

  • shake, rumble, vibrate or pulse any element on your pagePay What You Want
animation,eye candy,images,layout,menus,utilities

  • SmoothScroll Stack
  • MenuToAnchor Stack
  • AnchorTopBottom Stack

SmoothScroll Stacks Set s3

  • add an anchor you can scroll to smoothly (and more)€ 6,00 (± $ )

ScrollShow Stack

ScrollShow Stack s3

  • show or hide fixed positioned content, depending on the scroll position on the page€ 6,00 (± $ )

Stacks Image 465663

BrowserUpdate Stack s3

  • unobtrusively notify visitors that their browser is out of dateFree
eye candy,text

RainbowText Stack

RainbowText Stack s3

  • colorize your text headers with multiple colors or a background imagePay What You Want

Zoom Stack

Zoom Stack s3

  • add a minimalistic zoom option to images€ 5,00 (± $ )
eye candy,galleries,images,layout,text

Stacks Image 465571

Caption­On­Image Stack s3

  • show a caption on top of an image€ 9,00 (± $ )
eye candy,text

Antiquify Stack

    Antiquify Stack

  • modifies text to make it look like it came straight off an old pressFree
eye candy

SuperB&B2 Stack

    Super­B&B2 Stack s3

  • create awesome borders and backgrounds Pay What You Want
eye candy,links,text,utilities

LinkPlus Stack

    LinkPlus Stack s3

  • make sure your links are clearly distinguished from normal text € 5,00 (± $ )
background, images, animation

BackgroundImageRotator Stack

    Background­Image­Rotator Stack s3

  • rotate background images with cool animations€ 8,00 (± $ )

SetOpacity Stack

    SetOpacity Stack

  • set opacity to solid color theme itemsFree

Randomizer Stack

Randomizer Stack s3

  • show content randomly each time the page loads€ 4,00 (± $ )

  • Stacks Image 465392
  • Stacks Image 465396
  • Stacks Image 465400

Smart­Columns2 Stacks s3

  • 2, 3 or 4 equal height, responsive columns€ 10,00 (± $ )

PhotoAlbumRedirect Stack

    Photo­Album­Redirect Stack s3

  • change the links of the thumbnails on your Photo Album pagePay What You Want
text, layout

LineBreakHeight Stack

    LineBreakHeight Stack s3

  • set the height of between blocks of text separated with a return (<br>)Pay What You Want

Hyphenate Stack

    Hyphenate Stack

  • hyphenate and/or justify text in browsers that support thatPay What You Want

HTML(5)Elements Stack

    HTML(5)​Elements Stack s3

  • wrap content in a HTML(5) element, optionally with attributesPay What You Want

Keyhole Stack

    Keyhole Stack s3

  • preview the CSS, JavaScript and PHP generated by the stacks on the page in Preview modePay What You Want

DoNotPublish Stack

    Do­Not­Publish Stack

  • prevent your stuff from being published or exportedPay What You Want
galleries, images, lightboxes

CollagePlus Stack

    CollagePlus Stack s3

  • create a responsive grid for images, even if they have different proportions€ 6,00 (± $ )
galleries, images, lightboxes

  • PhotoboxPlus Stack
  • ResponsiveLightboxPlus Stack
  • ShinyboxPlus Stack
  • SimpleLightboxPlus Stack
  • TOS“R”UsPlus Stack
  • VanillaboxPlus Stack

    LightboxPlus Stacks s3

  • 6 stacks to turn your photo album page or CollagePlus thumbs into a responsive lightbox gallery€ 4,00 (± $ ) each
galleries, images, lightboxes

Photo Album Beautifier Stack

    Photo Album Beautifier Stack s3

  • style the built in Photo Album page€ 6,00 (± $ )

Morphist Stack

    LightboxMe Stack s3

  • show any content in a lightbox€ 6,00 (± $ )
text, layout, animation, eye candy

  • Stacks Image 254325
  • Stacks Image 254329

    Blink! & Marquee! Stacks

  • mimic the old school <blink> and <marquee> elements with CSS3Free
eye candy, animation

Morphist Stack

    Morphist Stack s3

  • rotate any content with cool CSS3 animations€ 6,00 (± $ )
text, eye candy, animation

Morphext Stack

    Morphext Stack s3

  • rotate (inline) text with cool CSS3 animations€ 4,00 (± $ )

Morphext Stack

    PriceList Stack s3

  • create a responsive price list with ease€ 5,00 (± $ )
background, eye candy

Simple Background Gradient Stack

    Simple Back­ground Gradient Stack s3

  • show a gradient or solid color on the background€ 3,00 (± $ )

SmartFloat Stack

    Smart­Float Stack

  • float any content responsively€ 5,00 (± $ )
themes, themes

EliteHack Stack

    Elite­Hack Stack

  • transforms the submenu of ThemeFlood’s Elite theme into tooltipsPay What You Want

SmartList Stack

    Smart­List Stack

  • create all sorts of lists easily€ 5,00 (± $ )
text, utilities

FA4all Stack

    FA4all Stack

  • use Font Awesome in themes that don’t support itFree

FootNoter Stack

    Foot­Noter Stacks

  • create old school bookmarks with ease€ 5,00 (± $ )

DelayedRedirect Stack

    Delayed­Redirect Stack

  • redirects your visitor to another page after a set delayPay What You Want

LoadingOverlay Stack

    Loading­Overlay Stack

  • shows an overlay and a loader until the page is fully loadedPay What You Want
menus, utilities

NoLink Stack

    NoLink Stack

  • turns top level menu items with subpages into placeholders€ 5,00 (± $ )
utilities, lightboxes

DoorKeeper Stack

    Door­Keeper Stack

  • shows a message before a visitor enters a page€ 5,00 (± $ )

OneTimeRedirect Stack

    OneTime­Redirect Stack

  • redirects your visitors to another page once€ 4,00 (± $ )
layout, eye candy

FancyLine Stack

    Fancy­Line Stack

  • make a fancy styled horizontal linePay What You Want
eye candy,images,text

LiftedCorners Stack

    Lifted­Corners Stack

  • shows a block of text or an image with lifted corners€ 3,00 (± $ )

PopupWindow Stack

    Popup­Window Stack

  • open a new page in a customizable popup windowPay What You Want

LinkAlert Stack

    Link­Alert Stack

  • show a warning when a link is clickedPay What You Want
contact forms

Contact Form Populator Stack

    Contact Form Populator Stack

  • prepopulate text fields and text areas in the built in Contact Form Page€ 5,00 (± $ )
themes, menus

AltTabsMenu Stack

    Alt­Tabs­Menu Stack

  • an alternative responsive menu for ThemeFlood's TABS theme€ 4,00 (± $ )
eye candy, images

Tucked Corners Stack

    Tucked Corners Stack

  • shows a block of text or an image with tucked corners€ 4,00 (± $ )
eye candy,links,utilities

FavLink Stack

    FavLink Stack

  • show the favicon of the corresponding site before or after an external linkPay What You Want
eye candy,links,utilities

ExternalLinkIcon Stack

    External­Link­Icon3 Stack

  • show an icon after external linksPay What You Want

LangMenu Stack

    Lang­Menu Stack

  • makes a menu item link to the corresponding page in another languagePay What You Want
background, eye candy

Simple Background Repeat Stack

    Simple Back­ground Repeat Stack

  • set a repeating background image€ 3,00 (± $ )
background, eye candy

Simple Background Image 2 Stack

    Simple Back­ground Image 2 Stack

  • set a full page background image that retains its aspect ratio€ 4,00 (± $ )

ViewPortSize Stack

    View­Port­Size Stack

  • displays the viewport size of your current pagePay What You Want
contact forms

Contact Form Placeholder Stack

    Contact Form Place­holder Stack

  • placeholders for your contact forms€ 5,00 (± $ )

NoCurrent Stack

    NoCurrent Stack

  • removes the link to the current page in the menuPay What You Want

NoHome Stack

    NoHome Stack s2, s3

  • removes the link from the page title and logoPay What You Want
animation, eye candy

NoHome Stack

Xmas Lights Stack

  • shows animated Christmas lights with CSS3 onlyFree

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All stacks are compatible with both version 2 and version 3 of the Stacks plugin except…
  • stacks marked s2, s3: separate versions for Stacks 2 and Stacks 3 are available
  • stacks marked s3: Stacks 3 required

Pay what you want?

Some of my stacks are Pay what you want. Buy any of them and pay for it what you think is reasonable. In the shopping cart, just change the suggested price to the amount you are willing to pay.

Of course, you are free to set the price to zero resulting in a free download but (especially when you intend to use it in a project) consider the following:

  • I do my best to deliver professional quality, so I spend a lot of time developing, updating and supporting these stacks.
  • A little income from my work will motivate me to continue and develop more useful RapidWeaver stuff.
  • Paying a reasonable price will make you feel better, knowing you're supporting an indie developer.
Already downloaded some stacks, but not yet paid for them? A donation will be greatly appreciated!
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