Marathia’s Stacks

stacks for the rest of us

stacks for the rest of us

Here’s the (continuously growing) collection of RapidWeaver Stacks I made. I hope you like them.
If you have any problem with them or have a suggestion for a new stack, just let me know!

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    Smart­List2 Stack

  • create all sorts of lists easily € 6,00 (± $ )
eye candy,links,menus,utilities

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Menupilator Stack

  • manipulate menu items on the page € 8,00 (± $ )

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Foot­Noter2 Stacks

  • create old school bookmarks with ease € 5,00 (± $ )
eye candy,utilities

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PMBeautifier Stack

  • styles RapidWeaver 8’s privacy message Free

Stacks Image 466162

BrowserUpdate Stack

  • unobtrusively notify visitors that their browser is out of date Free
animation,eye candy,images,lightboxes

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ShatteringPopup Stack

  • show content in a popup that is shattered on closing Free

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Squiggle Stack

  • improve that boring dull <s> (strike) tag Pay What You Want

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Spoiler Stack

  • initially hide content, and only reveal it when the visitor clicks/taps on it Pay What You Want

UltimateImage Stack

  • the all-in-one solution for your images € 5,00 (± $ )
animation,eye candy,images,layout,menus,utilities

  • Stacks Image 465953
  • Stacks Image 465957

Tippy Stacks Set

  • show (almost) any content in a tooltip € 7,00 (± $ )

2day Stack

  • display today’s date in any format or language Pay What You Want

LastPublished Stack

  • display the last published date in any format or language Pay What You Want
background,eye candy

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Shards Stack

  • generates a page background randomly resembling neon shards Free
background,eye candy

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Nebula Stack

  • generates a page background randomly that resembles the awesomeness of deep space Free

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DownloadLinkIcon Stack

  • add a file specific icon to download links automatically € 5,00 (± $ )

Oneliner Stack

  • display one line of text that adjusts its size to the width of its container € 6,00 (± $ )

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    MediaQueries Stack

  • show or hide content depending on the viewport width orientation and/or resolution € 4,00 (± $ )

BigLink Stack

BigLink Stack

  • turns its whole content into a link € 6,00 (± $ )

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Truncator Stack

  • add an ellipsis to multiline text Free
animation,eye candy

    ShakeIt Stack

  • shake, rumble, vibrate or pulse any element on your page Pay What You Want
animation,eye candy,images,layout,menus,utilities

SmoothScroll Stacks Set

  • add an anchor you can scroll to smoothly (and more) € 6,00 (± $ )

ScrollShow Stack

  • show or hide fixed positioned content, depending on the scroll position on the page € 6,00 (± $ )
eye candy,text

RainbowText Stack

  • colorize your text headers with multiple colors or a background image Pay What You Want

Zoom Stack

  • add a minimalistic zoom option to images € 5,00 (± $ )
eye candy,galleries,images,layout,text

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Caption­On­Image Stack

  • show a caption on top of an image € 9,00 (± $ )
eye candy,text

    Antiquify Stack

  • modifies text to make it look like it came straight off an old press Free
eye candy

    Super­B&B2 Stack

  • create awesome borders and backgrounds Pay What You Want
eye candy,links,text,utilities

    LinkPlus Stack

  • make sure your links are clearly distinguished from normal text € 5,00 (± $ )
background, images, animation

    Background­Image­Rotator Stack

  • rotate background images with cool animations € 8,00 (± $ )

    SetOpacity Stack

  • set opacity to solid color theme items Free

Randomizer Stack

  • show content randomly each time the page loads € 4,00 (± $ )

  • Stacks Image 466311
  • Stacks Image 466315
  • Stacks Image 466319

Smart­Columns2 Stacks

  • 2, 3 or 4 equal height, responsive columns € 10,00 (± $ )

    Photo­Album­Redirect Stack

  • change the links of the thumbnails on your Photo Album page Pay What You Want
text, layout

    LineBreakHeight Stack

  • set the height of between blocks of text separated with a return (<br>) Pay What You Want

Hyphenate Stack

  • hyphenate and/or justify text in browsers that support that Pay What You Want

    HTML(5)​Elements Stack

  • wrap content in a HTML(5) element, optionally with attributes Pay What You Want

    Keyhole Stack

  • preview the CSS, JavaScript and PHP generated by the stacks on the page in Preview mode Pay What You Want

    Do­Not­Publish Stack

  • prevent your stuff from being published or exported Pay What You Want
galleries, images, lightboxes

    CollagePlus Stack

  • create a responsive grid for images, even if they have different proportions € 6,00 (± $ )
galleries, images, lightboxes

    LightboxPlus Stacks

  • 6 stacks to turn your photo album page or CollagePlus thumbs into a responsive lightbox gallery € 4,00 (± $ ) each
galleries, images, lightboxes

    Photo Album Beautifier Stack

  • style the built in Photo Album page € 6,00 (± $ )

    LightboxMe Stack

  • show any content in a lightbox € 6,00 (± $ )
text, layout, animation, eye candy

  • Stacks Image 254325
  • Stacks Image 254329

    Blink! & Marquee! Stacks

  • mimic the old school <blink> and <marquee> elements with CSS3 Free
eye candy, animation

    Morphist Stack

  • rotate any content with cool CSS3 animations € 6,00 (± $ )
text, eye candy, animation

Morphext Stack

  • rotate (inline) text with cool CSS3 animations € 4,00 (± $ )

    PriceList Stack

  • create a responsive price list with ease € 5,00 (± $ )
background, eye candy

    Simple Back­ground Gradient Stack

  • show a gradient or solid color on the background € 3,00 (± $ )

    Smart­Float Stack

  • float any content responsively Pay What You Want
themes, themes

    Elite­Hack Stack

  • transforms the submenu of ThemeFlood’s Elite theme into tooltips Pay What You Want
text, utilities

    FA4all Stack

  • use Font Awesome in themes that don’t support it Free

    Delayed­Redirect Stack

  • redirects your visitor to another page after a set delay Pay What You Want

Loading­Overlay Stack

  • shows an overlay and a loader until the page is fully loaded Pay What You Want
menus, utilities

    NoLink Stack

  • turns top level menu items with subpages into placeholders € 5,00 (± $ )
utilities, lightboxes

    Door­Keeper Stack

  • shows a message before a visitor enters a page € 5,00 (± $ )

    OneTime­Redirect Stack

  • redirects your visitors to another page once € 4,00 (± $ )
layout, eye candy

    Fancy­Line Stack

  • make a fancy styled horizontal line Pay What You Want
eye candy,images,text

    Lifted­Corners Stack

  • shows a block of text or an image with lifted corners € 3,00 (± $ )

    Popup­Window Stack

  • open a new page in a customizable popup window Pay What You Want

    Link­Alert Stack

  • show a warning when a link is clicked Pay What You Want
contact forms

    Contact Form Populator Stack

  • prepopulate text fields and text areas in the built in Contact Form Page € 5,00 (± $ )
themes, menus

    Alt­Tabs­Menu Stack

  • an alternative responsive menu for ThemeFlood's TABS theme € 4,00 (± $ )
eye candy, images

    Tucked Corners Stack

  • shows a block of text or an image with tucked corners € 4,00 (± $ )
eye candy,links,utilities

    FavLink Stack

  • show the favicon of the corresponding site before or after an external link Pay What You Want
eye candy,links,utilities

    External­Link­Icon3 Stack

  • show an icon after external links Pay What You Want

    Lang­Menu Stack

  • makes a menu item link to the corresponding page in another language Pay What You Want
background, eye candy

    Simple Back­ground Repeat Stack

  • set a repeating background image € 3,00 (± $ )
background, eye candy

    Simple Back­ground Image 2 Stack

  • set a full page background image that retains its aspect ratio € 4,00 (± $ )

    View­Port­Size Stack

  • displays the viewport size of your current page Pay What You Want
contact forms

    Contact Form Place­holder Stack

  • placeholders for your contact forms € 5,00 (± $ )

    NoCurrent Stack

  • removes the link to the current page in the menu Pay What You Want

    NoHome Stack

  • removes the link from the page title and logo Pay What You Want
animation, eye candy

Xmas Lights Stack

  • shows animated Christmas lights with CSS3 only Free

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All stacks require RapidWeaver (version 7 or higher) and the Stacks plugin by YourHead (version 3.5 or higher).

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