Due to continuous problems with the script provided by browser update.org, I advise you not to use this stack at the moment.

I will do my best and try to solve these problems, but I’m depending on a third party in this.

As soon as the script works again as it should, I will update the stack.

You can dismiss this message and download the stack , but please do not use it until it is updated to version 1.3.0.

browser-update.org’s MIT license

Outdated Browser Detected!

Our website has detected that you are using an outdated browser. With your current browser, you will not be able to experience all the cool features on our website.

Although upgrading is not required, it is strongly recommend to improve your browsing experience on our (and many other) website.

BrowserUpdate Stack

BrowserUpdate Stack

unobtrusively notify visitors that their browser is out of date

product page | overview of the supported languages | manual

Despite all the attention for the subject, there are still numerous people who visit your modern website with an outdated browser. Rather frustrating, because they will not see the latest and greatest functionality you built into your site. Or, even worse, your website may not work properly for them.

There is rarely a good reason not to update a browser to the latest version — and many benefits in doing so. It’s free. It’s easy. The visitor will be able to see your website (and many other) in all its glory. It decreases security risks for them. New browsers are usually faster.

With this stack you can do your visitors the favor of notifying them that their browser is out of date. Choose between a message on top of the page, redirect to another page, show any content on the location of the BrowserUpdate Stack or show a message in a LightboxMe Stack.

The stack has plenty of options to tailor it to your needs: the browser versions for which the notification should be triggered can be set, the looks and language of the message can be adjusted, and much more.

Currently, the warning message is available in 33 languages. Visit this page for an overview of all languages available and examples of the texts show in each of them.

If there’s no message on to of this page, click here to show it with the default text in your system’s language. Instead of showing the message, you can also redirect your visitor to another page, show any content on the location of the BrowserUpdate Stack or show a message in a LightboxMe Stack (example).

The LightboxMe Stack is sold separately. More information on the product page.

There’s an comprehensive manual for this stack on a separate page.
Because RapidWeaver 7 still uses the rendering engine of Safari 8, the message may show in Preview mode when the stack is set to show the message in Safari 8 and below (the default setting of the stack). Clicking the Update or Ignore button will set a cookie that will be removed when you restart RapidWeaver.


The BrowserUpdate Stack is an implementation of the script developed and hosted by browser-update.org, an initiative started by Webmasterpro.de (script and service are open source under the MIT License). Please visit their site to learn more about this project.

When the visitor has JavaScript disabled in his browser, the message will not show.
The link of the update button does not work in RapidWeaver preview mode and when previewing the page in a browser. Once published, it will.

Please use this form to report all issues, questions and comments.
The BrowserUpdate Stack is an implementation of the script developed, hosted, and very well maintained by browser-update.org. This means I cannot change the script used in this stack. Please submit any bugs, enhancements, or other requests related to the browser-update script on its GitHub page.
This stack requires the Stacks plugin by YourHead (version 3).
Do you like this stack? Please consider leaving a review in the RapidWeaver Community’s Addons section [link].
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